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Dell's Headquarters Fully Powered by Wind and Landfill Gas

Dell's Headquarters Fully Powered by Wind and Landfill Gas

April 3, 2008 —

The Austin, Texas, headquarters of Dell computer manufacturer is now fully powered by renewable energy sources. Dell recently announced the completed changeover to power from wind and landfill gas for its 2.1 million square foot headquarters. The company joined forces with TXU Energy Wind Power and renewable waste expert company Waste Management for the green reincarnation—publicly billed by Dell as part of its efforts to be carbon neutral at its owned and leased plants.

The Austin Community Landfill gas-to-energy facility (operated by Waste Management) provides 40 percent of Dell’s power. Sixty percent of the headquarters energy is coming in from TXU wind farms scattered across Texas. Dell’s headquarters uses 80 million kilowatts per year. While paying more for renewable energy over conventional power, Dell predicts that renewable will eventually be cheaper. Also enjoying an increase of green energy—from 8 to 17 percent—is Dell’s Austin Parmer Campus, powered by Austin Energy. Dell’s Twin Falls, Idaho, buildings are also fully energized by wind and solar power.

Dell’s headquarters power announcement came one day after the company said it was planning on closing its desktop PC plant in Austin, laying off 8,800 employees—a move as part of Dell’s restructuring plan to save $3 billion over the next 3 years.

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