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Toys "R" Us Launches Sustainable Toy Line

Toys "R" Us Launches Sustainable Toy Line

"Going green is more than just a trend. It's becoming a lifestyle. This is just our first step in offering our customers the best selection of eco-friendly and organic products in all of our Toys"R"Us stores nationwide."
-Karen Dodge, Chief Marketing Officer for Toys "R" Us

April 1, 2008 —

Just in time for Earth Day, Toys "R" Us has announced a new line of sustainable toys that will begin appearing on store shelves in the coming weeks. The toys, which will use in recycled packaging and carry certifications from groups like the Forest Stewardship Council, come in response to the growing trend of families going green together. The first products available as part of the line will be wooden toys, organic cotton plush animals, and organic dolls.

As environmental awareness has exploded in recent years, kids seem to be as concerned as anyone about the prospect of a warming planet and the threat it poses to wildlife. "We know that kids are becoming more environmentally conscious and are curious about how they can do their part to help protect the planet," says Toys "R" Us' Chief Merchandising Officer, Karen Dodge. The retailer has pledged to continue to offer more environmentally responsible brands and potentially expand its own eco-brand in the future.

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