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Give the Gift of Carbon Offsets

Give the Gift of Carbon Offsets

December 17, 2007 —

If like most people around this time of year, you're running out of time and gift ideas and someone on your list cares as much for the environment as you do, you may want to consider a carbon offset gift card from Terrapass. The cards come several different varieties—Road Terrapass, Flight Terrapass, Home Terrapass, even Dorm Terrapass— and handy carbon emissions calculators help you figure out how many offsets are appropriate for each individual.

This gift is probably not for everyone, and if given to the wrong person it may make you come off as a bit, well, pretentious. But from one eco-concious friend or family member to another, a carbon offset gift card might be the perfect stocking stuffer. Terrapass also offers a few other nifty green gifts on its site as well, so be sure to check out the solar powered MP3/Cellphone chargers while you're there.

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Submitted by Russell (not verified) on December 18, 2007 - 07:26.

Holiday gift cards area also available from - plus you have the added benefit of supporting a nonprofit.
- Russell

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