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Car Service Giant AAMCO Certifying Green Franchises

Car Service Giant AAMCO Certifying Green Franchises

February 4, 2008 —

AAMCO, the multi-state transmission and car care franchise people, have launched a new (and first of kind) program to completely eliminate waste at their auto serving centers. Called Eco-Green Auto Service Certification, the program also works on getting customers’ cars more fuel efficient and promotes alternative fuels that many studies conclude are less polluting.

The program is implemented in AAMCO franchises by giving a center an Eco-Green certification when earned—so look for AAMCO centers that have been certified. Eco-Green means the center is doing everything it can to recycle liguid and solid wastes (turning waste motor oil in for recycling to heating fuel for instance) and to make the center itself as energy efficient and non-polluting as possible. Eco-Green centers also encourage customers to work towards better efficiency (at additional product and service cost). For instance, the green AAMCO centers offer an Eco-Green tune up that uses a lifetime air filter and extra long-life oil filter, lessening the amount of used filters driving into landfills. AAMCO is working with Flex Fuel U.S. to offer conversion kits to change over fleet (police, etc) vehicles to ethanol-fueled at the flick of a switch. Consumer-purchased most popular American vehicles are next in line for conversion kit options.

AAMCO also states its green-oriented centers will recycle waste water, install energy-efficient lighting and use environmentally-friendly alternatives to chemical cleaners.

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